Main historic periods of development of the company:

JSC GRODNO GLASSWORKS was founded in 1922. It consisted of a regenerative gas station, a batch house and a glass-melting furnace powered by coal gas. It started with manufacturing of apothecaries′ bottles (phials). All manufacturing processes were carried out manually. During the Great Patriotic War the plant was destroyed. Repairing works started after the liberation of the city in 1944. In 1947 Grodno Glassworks reached a pre-war production level. In the same year a bath furnace was installed for production of pharmaceutical glassware using novel, for that time, semi-automatic devices.

In 1953 году the plant produced more than 6 million of bottles for food industry and 10.3 million of apothecaries′ bottles. In 1959 the first line of the operating department for glass balls manufacture was organized. In comparison with 1953 the plant capacity was increased by half.

In 1964 году all process units were connected to a constant natural gas supply.

In 70′s in addition to the further re-equipment of the plant, high-temperature methods of glass melting and a mechanized raw-material processing were adopted. In 1971 the main operating department was built and put into operation which contained 7 raw-material processing automatic lines with capacity of 200 tons of batch a day. In 1977 a rolled glass and glass blocks department was built. On April 11, 1978 the first patterned glass ribbon was produced on PPS-500 line, and in the second half of 1978, for the first time ever in the USSR, glass blocks were produced on LSB-6 line. In 1991 the first domestically produced rotor-type BB-7 machine for champagne bottle production was installed at the plant.

В 1 квартале 2003 года a mixing compartment of the batch house was upgraded by installing an automatic line. The reconstruction of PPS 500 line resulted in increasing a patterned glass ribbon to 1300 mm.

Март 2004 года - modernization of container glass facilities for installing an electronic IS glass-forming machine, startup of a batch preparing automatic line for an IS-machine.

В 2005 году a modernization of a container glass production plant of the line N3 was carried out and as a result of it 2 automatic glass-forming machines and processing lines of the bath furnace No3 were installed.

1-й квартал 2006 года – the modernization of container glass production facilities of the processing line N4 was finished.

2007 год - a modernization of container glass production facilities of the bath furnace N2, resulting in installing of a four-section IS-machine.

2008-2009 годы - activities in the context of the project “Reconstruction of the patterned glass production line» were conducted. The modernization and reconstruction of existing production facilities allowed not only to increase qualitative characteristics of the work but to improve conditions of labor protection and accident prevention.

2011-2012 годы – activities in the context of the project “Reconstruction of processing line of the bath furnace N3 and of the container glass and glass blocks production department N3 were conducted (organization of MTO clear glass bottle production for medical purposes).

2013 год a modernization of the bath furnace N6 of the rolled glass and bottles production department No3 was carried out for the purposes of increasing productivity by 5-10%.

Nowadays the company is a highly-mechanized glass manufacturing enterprise. New technological processes are widely applied. JSC Grodno Glassworks is the only company in Belarus which produces green glass bottles, patterned and wired glass and exclusive container glassware. The enterprise abandons outdated technologies. We automate not only process operations but labor-intensive secondary processes.

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