JSC GRODNO GLASSWORKS offers you a wide range of interior glass blocks of production of the Czech Republic at the following prices:

- clear glass blocks at the unit price of 30 665 руб.(36 800 руб./шт. inc.VAT);
- in-bulk tinted glass blocks at the unit price of 30 665 руб. (36 800 руб./шт. inc.VAT);
- internally tinted glass blocks at the unit price of 40 167 руб./шт. (48 200 руб./шт. inc.VAT).

The cost of packing is included in the price of goods.

A glass block is a unique construction material that combines characteristics of glass and of a block structural unit. It has excellent sound-proofing and heat-saving properties. The air-space inside a glass block saves heat perfectly.

Glass blocks show high strength. Walls made of glass blocks are resistant to a temperature change from -40 to + 50 degrees Celsius.

One of the main benefits of glass blocks is non-combustibility, they do not sustain combustion.

Light transmission of glass blocks is nearly 80% for clear glass blocks and 50-70% for tinted ones. This property allows them to diffuse daylight perfectly.

Shape of glass blocks: square.
Size of glass blocks: 19 х 19 х 8 cm
Surface: «Wave».
Weight of a glass block: from 2.5 kg.

It is very easy to order glass blocks!
If you are interested to buy glass blocks, please, send us a message by fax: 8 (0152) 399159 or by e-mail:

For further information please contact our Sales Department: +375 (152) 39-91-59